Your Visa to a Wide Range of Applications with the PASSPORT System

    This is your passport to enter the new world of small-diameter, internal turning. ISCAR has designed a new concept in tool holding. Now, a single bushing toolholder can hold a full set of carbide shank boring bars capable of grooving, turning, threading, profiling and recessing. ISCAR also provides you with visas for cost reductions. The carbide shanks provide excellent rigidity and a high length-to- diameter (L/D) ratio. This allows the boring bar overhang to be adjusted to the best rigidity for each job. The new bushing holders incorporate special stoppers, useful in many applications with ISCAR's CHAMGROOVE system and PICCO bars. Utilizing the stoppers eliminates resetting the tool after every indexing. This versatile system replaces many expensive boring bars needed to perform the variety of applications, which are now possible with this single bushing holder
    MG PCO - Holder bars for adjustable carbide shanks
    MGCH - Internal grooving, turning and threading solid carbide bar for D min 8 mm
    GIQR/L - Internal grooving and turning inserts for Dmin 8 mm
    GIQR/L-A18/B18 - Internal grooving and profiling inserts for Dmin 8 mm
    GIQR/L-R - Internal grooving and turning round inserts for Dmin 8 mm
    GIQR/L-MT/WT - Internal threading inserts for Dmin 8 mm
    PICCO-ISO - Mini carbide bars for ISO internal thread turning for Dmin 4 mm
    PICCO-050 - Mini-carbide bars for internal turning and chamfering
    PICCO-004-007 - Mini carbide bars for grooving and turning Dmin 4 mm
    PICCO-010/610 - Mini carbide bars for face grooving Dmin 6 mm
    PICCO-060 - Mini carbide bars for internal turning and 45° chamfering. Dmin 5 mm.
    PICCO-070 - Mini carbide bars for undercutting and chamfering for Dmin 5 mm
    MGSIR/L - Internal turning and threading solid carbide bar for Dmin 8 mm.
    WBMT - Positive trigon insert for miniature boring bars
    IR/L-55 - Internal partial profile 55° for general industry
    IR/L-60 - Internal partial profile 60° for general industry
    IR/L-BSPT - Internal BSPT full profile thread for steam, gas and water pipes
    IR/L-NPT - Internal NPT full profile thread for steam, gas and water pipes
    IR/L-UN - Internal American UN full profile threads (UN, UNC, UNF, UNEF) for general industry
    IR/L-W - Internal Whitworth full profile (BSW, BSF, BSP) for fittings and pipe couplings
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