ISCAR Grades

    ISCAR’s innovative and proven grades for a variety of applications include:

    PVD coated IC882 for hard machining conditions
    CVD coated IC5820 for milling with pinpointed high-pressure coolant supply
    • Chocolate-color carbide grades for cutting titanium, high-temperature alloys, and stainless steel
    • Post coating treatment ensures increased resistance to chipping, notch wear, and built-up edge formation, for longer tool life

    IC5500 with multi-layer CVD coating and post-coating treatment
    • Prolongs tool life in hole making operations
    • Applications for some milling applications, e.g. round inserts in cutters for machining 3D surfaces such as blades in turbomachinery

    PVD coated carbide IC806
    • Designed especially for turning high-temperature superalloys
    • Special applications in the aerospace industry

    PVD coated carbide IC1010 and IC1030 for inserts from the TANG-GRIP and DO-GRIP families, for machining stainless steel and steel:
    • IC1010 is a hard submicron grade for parting and grooving with high cutting speeds
    • IC1030 is a tough grade for interrupted cut and unstable machining conditions

    SUMOTEC grades for rough and heavy duty turning operations feature a special post-coating treatment for better tool life and reliability:
    • Improved toughness and chipping resistance
    • Reduced friction and built-up edge
    • Golden-colored flank facilitates wear detection

    Click here for details on SUMOTEC grades and applications for turning

    ISCAR offers a variety of non-carbide grades such as ceramics, diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN) including SiAlON grades IS25 and IS35 for cutting high-temperature alloys and CBN grade IB20H for hard part turning.

    Click here for the full range of ISCAR grades according to materials and applications
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