The growing demands for high accuracy and flexibility in clamping orientation have led ISCAR to develop a new advanced line of PICCO holders. The PICCOACE features a unique patented clamping system which sets new standards.

    Important Features

    Accuracy, rigidity and flexibility of clamping orientation.
    The PICCOACE consists of two main parts: a body and an eccentric cap. When the cap is turned (using the wrench), the eccenter moves a special locking shim which presses on the insert and locks it into a precise position.


    • Accuracy – The new clamping system assures extremely high clamping repeatability of 0.005 mm.
    • Rigidity – Superb rigidity is achieved due to the advanced clamping mechanism, which locates the insert in a specific position that ensures optimal contact points.
    • Fast insert indexing – PICCOACE’s clamping method saves precious time when replacing an insert.
    • Clamping orientation flexibility - The large variety of the Swiss-type machines has increased the demand for multi-orientation clamping. Most of the available tools in the market provide a single clamping orientation, while ISCAR’s PICCOACE offers a solution suitable for all Swiss-type machines, which enables the operator to mount/dismount the insert from any desired orientation.

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