Internal Grooving with Indexable Multifunction Tools

    ISCAR’s very popular multifunction DR-MF tools family is being upgraded by new DRG-MF tools which can carry the XCMT-MF inserts and also a new insert type, XCMT-MG, designed for internal grooving.

    The new tools and inserts extend the application range of the current DR-MF tools by adding a grooving capability to drilling, internal turning/boring, external turning, and face turning applications. The new DRG-MF tools differ from the current DRMF tools by a new pocket design, which features a rear groove intended to accommodate the second cutting edge.

    The new XCMT-MG inserts with two cutting edges are made from grade IC808G, which is a submicron substrate TiAlN multilayer coating. This coating provides a high degree of reliability for cutting operations and a most competitive long edge life.
    The new grooving inserts can be used only on righthand tools.
    The new tools further enhance the reduction of customer inventory costs.

    Like the current same size DR-MF tools, the new tools can carry the XCMT-MF inserts. In addition, they feature identical major dimensions and cover all the same applications. Therefore, ISCAR will consider phasing-out the DR-MF tool in the future.
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