The SHRINKIN Thermal Shrink ER Collet Chucking System is an enhancement to the popular ER system.
    The SHRINKIN collets utilize the "thermal shrink" phenomenon for rigid clamping of solid carbide end mills. The new system provides higher torque, precision runout and better repeatability.
    The SHRINKIN collets with their slim design and different projection lengths allow the user to reach into deeper cavities and perform narrow milling applications.
    ISCAR offers a complete system for SHRINKIN ER collets, including a uniquely designed heating unit with a portable heating handle.
    The unit is equipped with a high-tech temperature control for easy and practical use at the machining center or in the tool room.

    ER-SRK Thermal Collet
    ISCAR has unique ER 20, ER 25, ER 32 SRK collets in its growing line of SHRINKIN chucks with diameter range 3 - 12mm.
    All of ER 20, ER 25 and ER 32 collets are also available with JET2 double nozzle coolant holes - directed to the cutting edge - to be used with standard straight-shank cutting tools.
    The standard heating unit is available with a seating pocket for ER 32 and #40. Therefore the new collets need to be mounted, for heating and cooling, into any standard ER 20.25 collet chuck.

    SHRINKIN Features
    • Slim design with different projections
    • Interchangeability with standard ER chucks
    • High torque transfer
    • Rigid clamping of carbide tools
    • Precision runout
    • Perfect repeatability
    • Vibration dampening
    • Coolant through the tool
    • Coolant Jet II is available
    • Symmetric design for high speed machining
    • Quick and easy tool changing
    • Unique SHRINKIN heating unit with portable handle

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