Tangentially Clamped, Single-Ended Parting System

    ISCAR's single-ended insert for parting, with an improved clamping method.

    TAG Insert Features
    • Very rigid clamping in a tangentially oriented pocket.
    • Enables machining at very high feed rates and provides excellent straightness and surface finish.
    • Recommended for parting large diameter parts and for interrupted cuts.
    • Offers a free, unobstructed chip flow, as there is no upper jaw like in other clamping systems (very important in deep grooving and parting applications).
    • The combination of tangential clamping and free chip flow results in improved tool and pocket life.
    • Provides a solution to the problem of inserts being pulled out during retraction.

    The TAG inserts are available with the familiar J- and C-type chipformers, with neutral and angular frontal cutting edges. The tools are equipped with a user-friendly clamping and extraction device. The TANG-GRIP family includes square shank tools, blades and inserts in 1.4-12.7 mm widths in the most advanced IC830 and IC808 SUMO TEC grades. The blades are in standard sizes which fit ISCAR's standard blocks.

    Recommended operating and machining conditions are similar to our other single-ended parting systems and provide better performance.

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