Swiss-Type External Tools Carrying WNGP 0403… and DNGP 0703… Inserts

    PWLNL …X-04S and PDJNR/L … S lever-lock tools are available in square-shanks. The clamping system enables indexing the insert by using the key from either free side of the tool without removing it from the machine, thus reducing machine idle time. The new tools were designed for Swiss-type automatics and small CNC machines that are widely used in medical, aerospace, automotive, electronics and general metalworking – and for machining complex, precision parts with a length to diameter ratio that is subject to deflection in the turning process.

    Boring Bars with Coolant Channels, New Small Size Inserts for Miniature Internal Turning Dmin=4.5 mm

    ISCAR has expanded its internal turning application range by introducing new boring tools and new small size inserts to be used for small boring diameters. Two new lines of tools were introduced for boring operations of small diameter parts. These new tools carry new negative (double-sided) ground WNGP and DNGP inserts. WNGP with 80° geometry for minimum bore of 12 mm and DNGP with 55° geometry for minimum bore diameter of 13 mm. Also available are boring tools for positive (single-sided) ground EPGT and CCGT inserts. EPGT with 75° geometry for minimum bore of 4.5 mm and CCGT with 80° geometry for minimum bore diameter of 5.0 mm.

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