ISCAR is introducing an upgraded lever lock to improve the clamping rigidity of the popular and user-friendly insert clamping system.
    The new design actually combines the advantages of the current lever with the extra clamping rigidity of the top clamp method.
    The current lever pushes the insert against the pocket, perpendicularly to the cutting force. This method sometimes fails during interrupted cut or heavy load applications, which causes the rear side of the insert to rise.

    The top clamp mechanism does provide high clamping security, but on the other hand edge or insert indexing is inconvenient and time consuming and the top clamp obstructs the chip flow – especially during internal turning applications.

    ISCAR’s new LR 4TL TOP LEVER combines the advantages of both systems. It firmly holds the insert in the pocket and also exerts an upper force on the rear side of the insert. It leaves the insert rake face unobstructed for free chip flow, while maintaining convenient insert handling and extremely high clamping security.

    The new LR 4TL TOP LEVER can replace the standard LR 4 lever in any tool.
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