New Key Tools in the 3P SUMO Line

    • SUMOMILL T290 family of endmills, featuring tangentially oriented helical-edge inserts for rough milling at higher feed rates.
    • HELIDO milling -cutters, which are able to handle 3.5 mm feeds per tooth in a 90° cutter, and provide additional edges on each insert. In addition, the HELIDO H600 UPFEED has six effective edges on each insert, which provides a very economical solution.
    • The popular HELITANG 490 endmills and face mills, for rough milling mild steel and alloy steels.
    • DR and MINI DR-TWIST indexable-insert twist drills, featuring internal twisted coolant channels and large gullets for improved chip evacuation.
    • SUMODRILL, with replaceable tips, for faster penetration on large holes, using a very stable and rigid clamping mechanism. Diameters are adjustable within a range, so fewer drills can handle a wider range of work.
    • The revolutionary CHAMGUN gundrill for deep holes (aspect ratios up to 30XD), which accommodates exchangeable drill heads that can be reground, available with various chipbreakers.
    • SUMOTURN inserts designed for heavy duty turning, available in grades to handle cast iron, steel and stainless steel.
    • HELITURN LD inserts in an expanded range, featuring helical cutting edges on extremely high positive rake angles to reduce cutting forces.
    • TANG-GRIP parting tools, for superior flatness and surface finish at the parting line with standard inserts.

    With the new 3P SUMO TEC coating treatment process, the inserts run faster and longer.

    ISCAR’s improved PVD and CVD coatings increase machining throughput on nodular and grey cast iron. The AL-TECH PVD coating raises heat resistance and insert life in nodular iron machining. The α-TECH CVD coating enhances wear resistance at higher cutting speeds on grey cast iron. The DO-TECH coating combines two types of layers for better overall performance on both grades of cast irons. Both milling and turning tools incorporate these coatings.
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