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GM Slitting Cutters Carrying CUT-GRIP Insert

Slitting cutters using CUT-GRIP inserts clamped in a DO-GRIP style pocket.
These cutters should be used with the GIM single-ended inserts (C and J chipformer types) or with GIMY inserts for round bottom grooves. These inserts have no depth restrictions.
The GIP and GIF double-ended inserts can be used for precision grooving and for cutting depth of less than 12 mm. GIPA inserts should be used for machining aluminum.

Recommended carbide grades:
IC328 should be used for tough and interrupted cut applications at low cutting speed and high feed.
IC908 should be used for continuous cutting at medium to high speed and low to medium feed.

  • Strong and reliable clamping system, recommended for heavy machining and for interrupted cut. The long clamping prisms improve insert life.
  • High cutter durability featuring long tool life.
  • Easy insert indexing by using the EDG 44A extractor.

Operation capability:

Diameter range:
  • Metric: 100-200 mm
  • Imperial: 3.94-7.87"

Insert sizes:
  • Metric: 3 - 4 mm
  • Imperial: .118-.157"

Insert geometries:
J, C, W
  • IC908
  • IC328
  • IC928

For more information about the CUT-GRIP line, click here.

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