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Economical Groove Milling Cutters with Triple Edged TRI Inserts

TRIB groove milling cutters in a diameter range of 32 to 80 mm, carry economical triple edged groove milling inserts for external and internal grooving up to 5 mm depths. The inserts are precision ground and therefore can be used for producing accurate grooves.
Each insert may be ground to any smaller width size. The insert is clamped into the pocket by a screw.

The available grade is IC908, which is very tough and versatile and can be used on a large variety of workpiece materials.

  • Very rigid tool with screw clamped inserts, which can be used at high feed rates
  • High tooth density: 3 teeth on the 32 mm tool
  • In case of a broken insert corner, the tool can still function using the remaining inserts
  • A single tool may be used for 1.2 to 4 mm insert width range
  • Can be used for precision groove milling

The CHAMSLIT tools can cover a very wide range of applications in automotive and aerospace industries, for hydraulics and any application requiring precision groove milling.

Operation capability:

Diameter range:
  • Metric: 32 - 63 mm
  • Imperial: 1.26 - 2.48"

Insert sizes:
  • Metric: 2 - 6 mm
  • Imperial: .079-.236"

Insert geometry:
  • IC908

For more information about the CHAMSLIT line, click here.

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