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Coarse Pitch

ISCAR's slitting cutters feature a prismatic-wedged clamping system which has changed the industry's standard. Each cutting insert is manually positioned between the flexible jaws of a SELF-GRIP pocket - no screws or spare parts are required.
The combination of a stopper that limits the insertion of the insert and the flexible jaws precisely and securely position each insert.
Indexing is both easy and fast. A simple lever extractor is used to remove the insert and a plastic hammer aids in indexing. The entire indexing process is possible without removing the cutter from the machine. This eliminates the need to re-position the cutter, resulting in minimal down-time.

Operation capability:

Diameter range:
  • Metric: 32 - 425 mm
  • Imperial: 1.26 - 16.73"

Insert sizes:
  • Metric: 1.6 - 6.35 mm
  • Imperial: 0629-.25"

Insert geometries:
J, C

  • IC20
  • IC908
  • IC328
  • IC928

For more information about the SELF-GRIP line, click here.

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