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Groove Turn

All of the advantages of working with high-pressure coolant can now be implemented on CUT-GRIP inserts, the most versatile groove-turn system available today in the market.

ISCAR’s revolutionary tangential clamping method provides excellent accuracy, stability and improved tool life. TANG-GRIP is most suitable for HP coolant solutions, because of free space above the insert.

A unique design that delivers the coolant jet through the insert directly to the cutting edge. This line features a technology that eliminates buildup and improves chip control, especially for machining stainless steel and high temperature alloys.

The most cost-effective 5-cornered insert for grooving and recessing. The tangential clamping provides a stable solution as well as an economical one. The short distance between the cooling outlet to the cutting edge ensures an effective stream directed to the cutting edge.

The new PICCOCUT bars with two coolant holes directed to the cutting edge and frontal flank, create small chips that can be easily pushed out of the deep grooves. This cooling solution substantially increases tool life.
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