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Extended Flute Milling Cutter for Machining Aerospace Components

The XQUAD extended flute milling cutter is designed for machining exotic materials. The 4 cutting edged insert is positioned on the cutter body to enable large volume metal removal. The distribution on the inserts and different helix angle enable quiet and chatter free operation and strong flushing capabilities provide the coolant pressure required.

  • 90° extended flute shell mills carrying square inserts with 4 cutting edges.
  • Designed for rough milling operations that require extremely high depth of cut, such as machining deep shoulders, cavities, high edges and full slots.
  • Alternating rake angles are produced by different inserts mounted in the tool, which is combined with varying flute pitch to provide efficient chatter dampening, smooth progressive penetration into material and stable cutting action.
  • Cutter design ensures that one cutting point is always in contact with the material during entrance and exit. This ensures optimal and steady harmonic oscillation, reduces power consumption and maximizes tool life.
  • High material removal rates due to spacious chip gullet (flute) that enables uninterrupted chip flow.
  • Coolant channels are directed to each insert cutting edge.
  • The SDK …-HP cutters have coolant nozzles for high pressure coolant supply (HPC) through the cutter body. HPC dramatically improves effectiveness of chip evacuation and temperature stability in the cutting edge, significantly increases tool life.

Operation capability:

Diameter range
  • Metric: 50-100 mm
  • Imperial: 2.0-4.0”

Insert sizes: 10, 12 mm

  • IC5820
  • IC882

For more information about the X QUAD, click here.
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