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Pentagonal TANG-GRIP Adapters with 5 Pockets for TAG 2 & 3mm Widths


ISCAR introduces the world’s narrowest 0.8mm insert for parting and grooving, combined with an innovative and economical 5 pocket blade featuring extended tool life. The interchangeable blade is assembled on a toolholder which indexes SLIMGRIP inserts. The blade features high stability and repeatability, and the narrow chipformer on the inserts allows free chip evacuation. A new family of tools and economical 5 pocket adapters for existing TANG-GRIP inserts in sizes of 2 and 3mm. These new adapters will allow parting applications of bar diameters up to Ø45mm.

TANG5GRIP Features:
  • Economical adapters with 5 pockets for TANG-GRIP inserts
  • Up to 45mm bar diameter - TANG-GRIP insert 2-3 mm width
  • Up to 22mm bar diameter - TANG-GRIP insert 0.8-1.6 mm width
  • No setup time after pocket replacement
  • Unique product, door opener for parting applications
  • The back of the adapters is designed with “V” shape geometry (wedge effect) to ensure maximum clamping forces and tool stability
  • Several adapters can be clamped on one holder
  • High pressure coolant. The tools and adapters are designed for JET-CUT cooling up to 340 Bar
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