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Following the successful market penetration of the PENTA 24 inserts, ISCAR is expanding the line by adding the following:

  • A C-type chipformer for higher feeds and tougher applications. It should be considered as the first choice for grooving and parting of hard materials and tough applications. The C-type chipformer features a positive rake, negative land and shoulders that provide extra cuttingedge strength.
  • The PENTA 24-C inserts are available in straight and full radii configurations for grooving and parting applications and in slanted frontal edge (right- and left-hand) for parting applications, when a reduced center burr size is required.
  • New wider inserts to the PENTA 24N-J family (up to 4.23 mm).
  • New IC30N cermet grade inserts to the PENTA 24N-PF/P family. Grade IC30N can be applied on a wide variety of materials. It can run at high cutting speeds, providing high surface finish and price advantage.
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