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ISCAR Tech Center

  • At ISCAR we realize that continual learning is critical to take advantage of new ideas. Our machining knowledge centers, located worldwide host new technology seminars, specialty seminars and machining demonstrations throughout the year.
  • ISCAR has developed industry-specific solutions to optimize productivity. We understand the unique requirements of specific industries and continually improve and introduce new ideas to optimize metal removal. ISCAR offers specialized training worldwide to reskill and upskill professionals within metalworking applications. Whether you are an automotive, aerospace, medical, die and mold, oil and gas equipment manufacturer or a general machining contractor, we have a solution to help you increase your throughput and resolve machining challenges. Based on specific customers' demands, ISCAR will conduct a trial on unique parts specified by the customer.
  • ISCAR's learning centers create opportunities to provide machinists and engineers with in-depth practical training. ISCAR realizes the importance of teaching the next generation of machinists and engineers, and therefore cooperates with universities and colleges in many countries to promote an ongoing learning process. ISCAR also offers an apprenticeship program where university students can work in the company.
  • Over the past two years, ISCAR has offered online training which proved to be useful for its many customers around the globe. ISCAR's training facilities at the many global locations offer the leisure and comfort where visitors can plunge into a real production environment and learn more about machining metals face to face.
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