PICCO Solid Carbide Mini Boring Bars

    ISCAR has added more geometry types and sizes to the current PICCO mini-bar range:

    A. Back boring and profiling mini-bars
    Designed for back turning and profiling applications, may be used in a minimum bore of 3 mm. Available with shank sizes of 4 to 7 mm and fit our standard MG PCO.. and PICCO holders.

    B. Mini-bars for 0.6 mm diameter boring
    Boring and profiling mini-bars for as small as 0.6 mm diameter bore. The smallest PICCO mini-bar for miniature and tiny parts are supplied with 4 mm shank diameter and fit standard PICOO...4-5 holders.

    C. Long neck bars of up to 7xD
    Designed for deep boring (24 to 50 mm) and profiling applications for a minimum bore diameter of 4 mm. The mini-bars are available with shank sizes of 4 to 7 mm and fit our standard PICCO holders. Other mini-bars with a long neck for threading and grooving are available as a special order.

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