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NPA 29/2020 INCH

New Extended Flute Cutters Enrich Expansion of HELI3MILL Family


Following market demand, ISCAR is further expanding the HELI3MILL family of indexable milling tools carrying advantageous triangular inserts HM390 TPKT 1003… with 3 helical cutting edges, by introducing extended flute cutters.

  • 90º cutting edge angle.
  • Positive rake angles for improving cutting action and reducing cutting forces.
  • Ramp down capability.
  • Inner coolant supply through outlets directed to each cutting edge.
  • Protective tool body coating for improved wear and corrosion resistance, ensuring smooth chip flow.
  • Minimal tool diameter: 1.0” for endmills and 1.5” for shell mills.

  • For rough milling deep shoulders and wide edges.
  • Ramp down applications by use of helical interpolation.
  • Milling steel and cast iron, stainless steels, titanium and superalloys.

  • Low power consumption, which allows using the cutters on machine tools with limited power.
  • Reduced machining costs for rough miling shoulders and wide edges.
  • Economical insert with 3 cutting edges.
  • High process reliability.
  • Productivity assures high metal removal rates.

The new cutters are available in the following design configurations:
HM390 TPK… -10
Extended flute endmills.
HM390 SM... -10
Extended flute shell mills.

Extended Flute HELI 3 MILL HM390-10 Cutters with HM390 TPKT 1003… Inserts ap/ae Application Range
4 Flute Endmill With and Without Relieved Necks, Assorted Radii and Different Helix For Chatter Dampening
Depth of Cut
( ap mm)
Width of Cut
( ae mm)
Dia. 1.575’/1.969’
HM390 TPK D1.0-1.1-2-W1.0
HM390 TPKD125-1.6-2-W1.25
HM390 TPKD1.5… / SM D1.5…10
HM390 SM D2...-10
Cutting data
For cutting speeds and feeds refer to our recommendations relating to inserts HM390 TPKT 1003... .

New HM390-10 extended flute cutters for high performance in rough shoulder milling

HM390 TPK-10
Extended Flute Endmills Carrying HM390 TPKT 1003 Triangular Inserts with 3 Helical Cutting Edges
(1) Number of flutes
(2) Number of inserts
(3) W-Weldon

(a) Recommended tightening torque:3.2 Nxm HM390 SM-10
Extended Flute Shell Mills Carrying HM390 TPKT 1003 Triangular Inserts with 3 Helical Cutting Edges
(1) Number of flutes
(2) Number of inserts

(a) Recommended tightening torque:3.2 Nxm

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