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NPA 003/2020


New MM GRIT 22 Solid Carbide Groove Milling Heads


Upgrading MULTI-MASTER Groove Milling Products: More Carbide Grades, More Clamping Capabilities

ISCAR is expanding the MULTI-MASTER family by introducing MM GRIT 22 interchangeable solid carbide groove milling and 45 deg. chamfering heads.

The new heads are available in a nominal 21.7 mm diameter and two main design features differentiate them from the existing groove milling heads:
- TORX socket on the head face
- Heads are made from IC 908 submicron carbide grade

The TORX socket ensures clamping the head with the use of ISCAR keys having exchangeable blades with TORX tip for better control of the clamping torque. In addition, the socket enables the application of an adjustable torque wrench (3340289 TORQUE WRENCH 5-50Nm 9X12) as an option for secure and accurate tightening of the heads.

Manufacturing the groove milling heads from IC 908 carbide grade expands their application field, improving performance of groove milling operations especially when machining workpieces from hardened steel and cast iron, and ferritic and martensitic stainless steel (ISCAR material groups 9, 11-13, 38 and 40).

The new MM GRIT 22 heads have the same MULTI-MASTER T08 thread as the existing items, so they can be mounted in the same shanks.

The next step in expanding MULTI-MASTER grooving and 45 deg. chamfering products will be introducing interchangeble milling heads MM GRIT 16 and MM GRIT 18 heads that have smaller outer diameter.

We are confident that introducing the new groove milling heads will increase applicability of the family and will contribute to advancing MULTI-MASTER products in your market.

High Reliability and High Dimensional Repeatability for High-Efficiency Groove Milling

Interchangeable Solid Carbide Small Diameter Groove Milling Heads

• Recommended for O-rings and retaining rings • Tightening torque: 1500 Nxcm • K - for general steel & cast iron machining P - for soft and gummy materials • Modification options on request • Do not apply lubricant to the threaded connection
(1) Cutting depth maximum   (2) Number of flutes   (3) Minimum bore diameter
• Optional, should be ordered separately

Interchangeable Solid Carbide Small Diameter 45° Chamfering Heads

Tightening torque: 1500Nxcm • K-Type - For general steel machining.
(1) Cutting depth maximum   (2) Number of flutes
• Optional, should be ordered separately

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