How to capitalize on all the available tooling upgrades?
      ISCAR offers these six suggestions:

    1. Take a fresh look at tooling upgrade possibilities every single time you schedule a repeat job. Something better may have come along since you ran it last time.
    2. Develop a “constructive intolerance” for even the slightest bottleneck. Your competitor won’t stand still for it, so why should you? It’s more likely than ever that there’s a better way, available for the asking -- and that a competitor is pursuing it right now.
    3. Get help from a qualified full-line tooling supplier. Use their application engineers as extensions of your staff. You’ll get better answers sooner. And it’s free.
    4. Think of retooling simply as continuous process upgrading, the same way you continuously upgrade your IT system. Regard it as an opportunity to improve your bottom line and outstrip competition.
    5. Compare tooling based on its value for reducing machining cost and raising throughput, not on the tool’s price tag. By a margin of more than 5 to 1, the biggest component in the machining-cost “pie chart” for the typical workpiece is machine and labor time, not tooling cost.
    6. For the same reason, take any gain in edge life arising from a tool upgrade and convert it to faster machining. Go for throughput over edge life. You’ll come out money ahead.

    What’s ahead in tooling from ISCAR? More tooling upgrades, coming to you at even a faster clip. They all aim to help you become more profitable, eliminate machining bottlenecks and improve your return on capital investment. Take advantage of the Era of Continuous Tooling Upgrades – before your competitor does.
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