Clamping Advances Continue

    ISCAR plans several advances in the area of clamping over the coming year. The company has been known for clamping innovation since its founding. ISCAR’s first breakthrough development was SELF-GRIP, the first parting tool with inserts that could be slid into a blade, dispensing with the nuisance of screw clamping. Launched in the ‘70s, this simple idea proved to be an enormous time saver. It changed forever the way manufacturers performed cutoff operations on lathes, and is still popular in the marketplace.
    ISCAR's emphasis in clamping designs is to make them stronger, able even to handle heavy duty interrupted cuts. For grooving and parting small diameters and widths of cut up to 6 mm, new tangential TANG-GRIP tools feature a more stable clamping system, leading also to straighter parting cuts and better as-machined surface finishes. Their clamping design does away with all screw clamps.
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