Improved Geometries

    ISCAR has introduced extensions of the proven helical cutting edge concept into a wider range of cutting tool types and sizes. Compared with straight cutting edges that engage the work over their entire length at once, slightly curved helical edges engage gradually, fostering a gentler cleaving-type cutting action for lower cutting forces.
    ISCAR has extended the HELI concept into new styles and sizes of both turning and milling tools. New HELITURN SiN turning inserts with the 3P SUMO TEC treatment, which feature tangential orientation with two helical cutting edges per insert, handle facing automotive disk brakes at 1000 m/min. Large HELITURN 22 mm inserts tackle heavy duty rough turning at feeds up to 1 mm/rev and cut depths of 5 to 15 mm. On the milling side, the HELIOCTOFEED features a thick cross section for heavy face milling at higher removal rates, and offers eight cutting edges per insert. New HELIDO milling cutters are an upgrade of the popular HELIMILL, ideal for high rate, high depth rough face and slot milling.

    Improved geometry of a different type enables the TANGSHRED tangential milling cutter to eliminate chipbreaking problems in heavy slab milling applications. The tangential orientation aligns the insert’s strongest cross section with the main cutting force vector, and a serrated cutting edge shreds the chip into smaller particles for better chip evacuation.
    ISCAR has also launched additional milling and parting cutter styles based on the tangential milling concept. Milling applications include shouldering, deep cavity milling and smaller milling applications with MINITANG inserts down to 8 mm. In parting-off, the TANG-GRIP provides a more stable system using a larger width of cut, as needed in the pipe industry. Geometry improvements in the new JET-CUT parting tool will target cutoff operations on difficult metals such as stainless steel and titanium. Early success is reported on 4340 steel workpieces. The tool directs high pressure coolant right at the cutting zone to reduce heat, improve chip control and resist built-up edge. In difficult-to-machine titanium, the new tool’s cooler running also retards strain hardening in the cutting zone, thereby extending edge life.
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