Improved Grades and Coatings

    ISCAR's SUMO TEC technology is a unique process which provides improved tool life, low insert surface stress and an evenly coated top surface. The even surface contributes to smooth uninterrupted chip flow, less generated heat and less friction.
    SUMO TEC is the ultimate coating treatment to assure optimal machining results. The SUMO TEC treatment also resists built-up edge when machining gummy metals such as nickel alloys and stainless steel. The unique process acts to reduce micro cracks on insert surfaces due to differential contraction as the insert cools after CVD coating.
    With a smoother surface, inserts also run cooler and clear chips better, and can run faster.
    All 3P SUMO inserts fit as drop-in replacements into existing cutter bodies and toolholders. ISCAR has added the 3P SUMO TEC enhancement to their most popular insert grades that cover the gamut of milling, turning and drilling applications.
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