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VER 1 - 2018

        The LOGIQ of                 Industry 4.0 for Cutting   Indexable Tools             A Road Map For Effective
        Machining Intelligently      Tool Manufacturers         Challenge Solid Carbide     Cutting Tools In The
        Taking the concept of machining   What does Industry 4.0 signify   For Small Diameters   Automotive Industry
        intelligently even further by   in practical terms and how do   Precision and performance   Pinpointing automotive OEM
        applying logical improvements    we apply related technologies   advantages position indexable   needs to create smart combined
        to tool development [p. 4]   to our processes? [p. 8]   solutions competitively against   tools that improve productivity
                                                                solid carbide tools [p. 30]  and reduce cost per unit [p. 44]

        Industry 4.0

        Strategies To Inspire



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